“Renegades all are we.”

This blog is a joint effort.
Kind of where outer space meets cyberspace.

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First, the inspiration:
Brothers from Another Planet

pleiades reflection nebulaYou could say that a real person is divining the words for this site, or you could say that a more is-like intelligence is saying the monologue. It is all the same to us. We are making an oration to the people of Planet Earth — have a nice, cosy day. We are your brothers and sisters of another star and another time. Our words come to you through a keeper of the kind of understanding that facilitates our energetic communion. We come to you in love and peace from near the risen stars of the Pleiades. Good day to you!

Now, the writer, Amanda R. Ryan, the anagrammed pen name of Maryann Rada:

Once I was certain about life’s order. “Be normal like everyone else,” I thought, “and you’ll be guaranteed a life of happiness. Keep a low profile and you’ll be free.”Correction to those misconceptions came over a period of years and through a series of dramatic turns of event that brought me to where I am today: in the cradle of the mountains living a simple life far removed from the destiny I thought I could fit into. I never left my “destiny”. I never left my “normal” life. I only redefined what such nebulous words meant. Regular use has obliterated any sense of meaning from either. Same for “name” and “number”. I have redefined myself so many times I have rendered those words useless as well. Both are restrictive illusions of order under the guise of normalcy. By “name” I now understand “self-certain whom”. By “number” I bestow “network locator”. We are all becoming more relaxed as to order imposed from without and more organized as to being a cunningly created self-ordered organism of “you”s and “me”s reflecting the mirror image of each other from within.

It is from this place that I write–but to satisfy your curiosity about the path I followed to get here, I add the following facts about who I used to be. I have held the title of marketing assistant in a scholarly publishing house and at a restaurant more near than far from paradise. I also sported a similar title at a handful of other businesses as befits a member of the working class you might call Generation X – whatever that means. Exactly. I have a degree in English from a small college in more normal days, a lifetime membership in Phi Beta Kappa and an eminent almost-master’s degree from a prestigious university. Am I sounding a bit pompous yet? I bore myself with such banalities.

I have met new knowledge in denying that all that ever mattered, really, if you will allow me that nugget of mediocrity to be both denied and valued for its illusionary quality. What I derailed on was nothing less than what I realize now was love answering my desperate pleas for its appearance. And sanity rearranged itself accordingly. Life offered rich opportunities for healing and doing what I really love, which is nurturing remembrance of who one naturally is as a being of light–which, as one reading this page, you of course are. With great respect I offer this in the more than hope that it will make a crystallization of understanding grow larger and you laugh a little, too. Peace to you, and certainly love. Remember who you are becoming–I’ll meet you there and we can have a laugh about who we thought we were.

Personal Readings

The natural path that metaphysical and energy work took for me was one that led to a close personal relationship with the energies of an out-of-this-world consciousness. The Pleiadians who provide answers to any number of questions my clients have posed to them have answered with great lucidity, depth of compassion, and enough humor to make a deep healing as pleasant a process as possible. Their messages are layered in meaning in the words and phrases they use, so one message may be read and re-read any number of times with the benefits continuing to reveal themselves. Some of the issues they’ve tackled have been in helping to find purpose and direction, to understand why relationships haven’t been working, or to dig deep into to root of present problems. But they’ll answer any question as it pertains to you gaining a deeper understanding of your self, your life, your purpose. It has been my experience that physical healings often follow integration of emotional, mental and/or spiritual issues, but that is a path that’s up to you to follow. I offer here the means to tap into deep wisdom and insight from the soul level. The more open you are and the deeper you’re willing to go, the more compelling the message.

And here’s the message from the “creative counselors”:

Knowledge can set you free. Maddening ruts are not so hard to get out of if you are able to see where you’re stuck. Sanity eventually wakes up, but when a little word can help, why not voice a question? Our words are of nearness to your heart. We eavesdrop on your soul when you ask us a question. Love is the language we answer in. Nemesis chimes in too, as she has secrets to share. Certainty, understanding and peace are a few of the benefits. Now, guidance is available with Pleiadian quirky mentality, but with everyone a dream paves the way to freedom, so with every message of healing intent we speak directly to you. Benefits are proportional to the amount of healing you are open to receiving. We’ll go as deep as you want, but we won’t be shy, so be mindful of your ability to integrate information you may bring to the surface. Remembrance brings peace when the wish is for what makes aspects of beingness whole and healthy. Big masks may fall or small mysteries be resolved, sense made of nonsense and purpose clarified. Ring of truth is a happy sound. Voices of more Pleiadians pray for your healing of heart, mind and spirit than you may know.

If you would like me to provide you with a written message from them, please drop me a line via my contact page. A donation for my time is much appreciated, whatever such personal guidance is worth to you. You’ll find a PayPal donation button on the sidebar, or you may contact me personally for other arrangements, barter included. This is at the moment the avenue in which I contribute to support my family, so donations in any amount are greatly appreciated. For an idea of what these messages are like, please visit this page. Every message is unique to the person for whom it is intended, communicated in language that is most meaningful to him or her.

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4 responses to “About

  1. Kus Soumie

    exactly everything i needed now nameste

  2. sangeeta Singh

    Hi..with so much going on around us and within us, I eagerly await your words and articles on lightworkers and snoedel websites…I havent heard much lately…where are you?

  3. opalescentwords

    Hi 🙂

    I’ve been reposting some of the messages from a few months ago at the Book of Light forums (see the link in the sidebar) for review and prep… another longer message will be posted in the next day or so (at least that’s what I’m told!).

    Thanks for checking in, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and I’m pushed at the moment to complete a book manuscript. You’ll be reading more very soon!

    Love and respect, and thanks for your comment 🙂

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