In the history of your planet, perhaps no other word is as highly charged as this one. Considering that charge is an energy of great potential to change, it is appropriate that it be associated with mental and emotional confusion when it is brought into use as a weapon of self-righteousness, and with physical accounting for death when brought into use as a weapon of serving that state. Lacking such distortion is the spiritual experience of God, so we will leave that alone for now. God is not more of anything, but is more of everything. Certain mental and emotional habits preclude the experience of that truth from being one of natural divinity self-realized and keep one in a rut of making do with what one has. Thus, a balance in addition is out of whack. Less and more cannot truly exist as absolutes. Love is not quantifiable. God is only everything, whereas people insist “He” only loves those who are like them. People are learning. Reality is God appearing, whereas life is God experiencing. Death is God joining with itself. All that people find to be godless is love winning at a game of hide-and-seek. God is driving everything. Satan is not not-God, but God seeking to experience separation and — believe it or not — reunion. Or not. It all develops naturally, as God is always moving and perfectly still. Let that be enough for a while.


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