Your consciousness takes many forms, not all of them known by you. Remembrance makes itself most felt in the dream state. It is there that any form your consciousness takes is a dream yet real. If you can remember your dreams, you can access deep meaning in you memory’s corridors which may, upon reflection, lead to the necessary insights you seek in your waking awareness to solve a problem or heal a wound. It is a state of awareness which allows for the normal boundaries of reality to be bent or removed completely – at least for a short time, as you experience it. Information you can perceive in your dreams is also data given to your real-life awareness as attempts by your soul to teach you, warn you, or simply come into your awareness as some aspect of divinity asking for your attention. Reality assembles itself in a state very much like the dream state generating a virtual reality in which all Nemesis’ notes can be written and rewritten until you are pleased with the results.



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2 responses to “dream

  1. You are right. Lately, my dreams have been taking on more of the texture of virtual reality simulations – btw…nice article, thankyou.

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