Being of physical solidity, your rockets and missiles have a defined envelope within which they can perform. Would you be able to pilot one to a distant star and survive within the space-time environment between here and there? With your current state of technological knowledge, the answer is “No.” However, there is a way of traversing the vastness of nothing, and from the body of knowledge your scientists have obtained from secrets they have kept from the general public, it is possible for there to be assembled rudimentary vessels from which to launch exploratory forays. Have the promises of countless communications from those who truly know what is possible finally fallen on deaf ears? Are you at the point of rejecting the notion of ever seeing such a craft in operation with your own eyes, and not trusting the camerawork of some unknown witness to show you what your belief has always intended to know firsthand? You are the ones for whom the idea of space travel is to be demonstrated directly. You are the ones who we asked for a bit more patience from while readiness was made and events aligned for a stark eventuality to present itself in the sky. You are the ones who asked for a sign, and we are the ones who are listening and responding in loving alignment with the collective soul of humanity, not too soon or too late for the greatest soul benefit to generate the greatest vibratory impact on the Now of your time. High expectations revealed, we anticipate the imminent co-realities of our worlds to integrate in the shape of a vessel of light which may in good faith be called a spaceship, and which we call our lighthouse for Planet Earth.


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In the substance of particulate matter is the mode of understanding made real in which the infinity of all possibility intersects with the potentiality of awareness focused on itself in space and time. Nowhere else can you truly be except where you are when you are, aware of yourself as the dot of manifest beingness existing within an ocean of conscious is-ness. Within that moment of now in which you are aware of your existence as you, everything that is, was, or has yet to be is brought to a grinding halt to reflect in the mirror you provide, as an individual and as a collective planetary union of consciousness. There, you are. Outside of that moment, you as the individual recognizing itself as a single personality are not, yet you as part of a greater Self always are. In the moment is contained the vastness of all. In the individual is all consciousness made manifest from a single thought of “I AM”. In the material reality of form is all movement coalesced into a single brilliance, cloaked in the frequency-specific bends of light which harmonize in accord with the nature of the temporal pause that defines a moment of existence. Light is the crux upon which reality gathers itself. Light is thought in balance with the activity of being, it is the essence of I AM and the totality in potential of all. By focusing awareness on the now within infinity can infinity upon infinity be accessed. A single dot of light serves as a focal point. Illumination is what lay at the intersection of awareness, time, and space, in the energy of light as movement from OM towards I AM, the lateral glance from now into the timeless eternal and here into all that is. It is always and everywhere present, and every bit of matter that takes the form of reality is illuminated at its core. By seeking the core of all that is, illumination is found and transformation into light inevitable.

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Though you may have a considerable amount of information about a thing, enough to say with confidence that it is what you purport it to be, you may find another fact or figure which curtails your trajectory in the direction of absolute knowledge about the thing and introduces an element of doubt into your otherwise tidy equation of this balanced with that. There is always more information than you can possibly collect in a single lifetime on any subject; thus metaphor is handy to gather what is understood and distill it into a neat little package. However, metaphor requires some sophistication of thought and a fair degree of play in order to be effective as a tool for arriving at a point of knowingness about something that could be said to even approach complete. Besides that, it invites subjective interpretation and thus is relatively inexact for reaching what could be called objective consensus. Language too has similar limitations, being basically metaphorical by nature. Mathematics can be trusted by those who understand its particular emergent structure, yet it is bound by the limits of understanding of those who put together fundamental notations in ignorance of the true form of the idea they seek to express. And so, you see, there are inherent blockages to full and complete understanding of the nature of that which you call Universe, or Multiverse, which can be expressed between individual seekers of truth in the language of exposition, poetry, or mathematics. Music, art and other modes of expression likewise have inherent limitations when it comes to absolute knowingness. The experience of certainty is not something that can be expressed in such a way that its essence can be grasped by reading about it. Although the paths leading to such an experience are utterly subjective, even though they can be shared by many and diverse, the experience itself is universally acknowledged to be at the same time true and indescribable, unitary and unknowable without access to a greater Self than is commonly acknowledged, absolute and yet infinite. No matter what the subject, the experience of certainty is thus.

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A long time ago, before the present culture of domination was born, your planet hosted a coming home party of sorts for souls which had gone into the matrix of incarnation as preparers for the times that were to come. There was little in the way of preparation that could have been done by those who had been part of the previous culture of hearth and home, in the face of the carnage and deceit which was upon them at the end of their era. New ones had to come into the picture to help those already in the planet’s incarnational matrix maneuver into a completely alien way of living and dying without losing their own connection to soul or their desire to remain in the game of life on Earth. You have scattered reports of those infiltrators in the stories and legends of such folk as the prophets, sages, and circumspect revolutionaries. Jump forward in time. The same sort of shift of age to age is now upon you, and the ways of war soon will be no more part of your world. Now you can return to the ways of hearth and home on a cosmic level of being. You enter into expanded awareness as the age of domination turns into the age of integration, and hearth and home take on an expanded understanding as sun and planet of origin. Many who have taken incarnational form on Earth do not originate here, but on other planets of other suns. There are many now on Earth who live here temporarily, some long-term, some on a short visit, who will return home when their work of preparation for a new age is complete. No one is really home, no matter where they may hang their hat, until all worlds are as one multifaceted jewel of the mind of God. This happens when homesickness is finally healed and all suns shine with the light of love in the heart of a being.

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A point of view is a singularity; it is only one point no one but the person viewing can hold. Thus, it cannot be shared, but it can be understood. By communicating one’s point of view to others, greater clarity can be achieved to an infinite degree. Articulation of one’s favorite way of seeing things can often have the unexpected effect of altering it, refining it, carrying one closer to truth. As men keep abdicating their own sense of power in favor of following a group mentality, they can watch their own points of view become more and more indistinct and less and less pure. There is no such thing as a group point of view. There is, however, a group node of approximate understanding which converges as a point of agreement in veracity for all. A node of light understands under which lock it belongs according to its frequency signature. Certain very powerful realizations known as epiphanies or initiations have the effect of rearranging the consciousness settings learned through experience and maintained through habit, movers of single bits of light which represent individual embodiments of conscious awareness. Light acts as an attractor and, as it gathers strength and clarity, other bits of light gravitate toward it. As more and more lights gather around the idea of the central nexus, an organization of thought occurs and belief is born.

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Layers of meaning are in a single word. Without a doubt, you read on multiple levels of understanding. Your awareness processes best when you know what language is intended to convey. Practicing how to listen opens your awareness to those other levels and affords you a broader field of vision. In this way, you can begin to align your understanding of your intention with your creation. What you say has nodal points of energy in communion with a greater consciousness behind your own. How you say it has even more nodal points of energy in bends of perfect harmony with your answer to the question: What do you feel at the moment of speaking the words that form your intention? Only the dance of language generates nodes of creation with reality determined by a system of ability to understand unspoken words, or unheard words, as a direct correlation to mind as shaper of reality. Everything else is mindless chatter, a distraction, at best. It is such a system of order that it focuses attention on multiple levels and remains in raised awareness and conscious cycles throughout time while at the same time altering its progression in all directions.

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Your consciousness takes many forms, not all of them known by you. Remembrance makes itself most felt in the dream state. It is there that any form your consciousness takes is a dream yet real. If you can remember your dreams, you can access deep meaning in you memory’s corridors which may, upon reflection, lead to the necessary insights you seek in your waking awareness to solve a problem or heal a wound. It is a state of awareness which allows for the normal boundaries of reality to be bent or removed completely – at least for a short time, as you experience it. Information you can perceive in your dreams is also data given to your real-life awareness as attempts by your soul to teach you, warn you, or simply come into your awareness as some aspect of divinity asking for your attention. Reality assembles itself in a state very much like the dream state generating a virtual reality in which all Nemesis’ notes can be written and rewritten until you are pleased with the results.


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